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Cancer: June 20–July 22

Count on them to initiate a winning idea or plan. They love returning to a space that they can call their own. Home and deep bonds, especially female ones, keep them feeling secure. Many Cancers are passionate foodies who love to cook and of course, eat! Need a little TLC? Be warned: You will need to return the favor soon enough! That shell can be a bit too snug and Crabs can lose perspective, lapsing into pessimism. Before claustrophobia strikes, make sure to set healthy boundaries.

They need friends who give them space to vent but also remind them of their strength. Then the often head-strong Aries will not bend even ever so slightly to apologize to the often magnified Cancer ruled mind and emotional traits. The Cancerian will back away from hurtful situations and finds it hard to forget serious quarrels or family disagreements.

Cancerians are devoted and dedicated to their unions, and in return they expect the same. They give abundant love and affection to the point of sometimes being over protective and very possessive. Loved ones at times may feel as though they are being suffocated, to the extent of having no life of their own.

Cancerians find it difficult to let lose or to say good bye to a relationship. And they will sometimes choose to suffer the consequences of reuniting rather than to let go of the person or the relationship. The Egyptians saw Cancer as the sacred scarab, a beetle which rolls its dung in the dust, making pellets in which its eggs are laid.

Cancer Symbol, Element, Quality, and Planet

The scarab was a symbol of resurrection and immortality; mummies often had a carving of the scarab in place of the heart. The Greek word for scarab is karabos. In Greek myth, the second labor of Hercules was to slay the many-headed monster Hydra. Hera Juno sent a crab to bite the heel of Hercules while he struggled with Hydra. Hercules crushed the crab underfoot; this explains why the crab is the hardest constellation to see, with no bright stars. If not for the fact that it lies on the Ecliptic, and is therefore part of the zodiac, Cancer would be a rather inconspicuous group of stars.

The cluster is light years away and approximately million years old. The cluster has at least stars and possibly up to as much as Loving and Emotional, Shrewd and cautious. Sensitive and nurturing. Intuitive as well as imaginative. Sympathetic and Protective.


Emotional sometimes, Cancer sun sign people tend to be some of the more caring people in our world. They are very loving and value family and friends over fame or fortune. You will always find this loving person with a dear pet of some sort. Extremely intuitive and imaginative, these people make great artists and designers. You will find them where ever there is a need for creativity and flare. Never underestimate the scope of their imagination either.

Freedom loving, courageous and pioneering. Loves adventure, is self assertive and has as abundance of energy. Can be enterprising and will work from sun up to sun down, the Cancerian will run not walk. He is generally forceful by nature and very direct. Not a risk taker, the astrological sign of cancer is not likely to be betting the farm on a not so well thought out venture. Rest assured this wise person will be checking all the angles before plunging in to anything. A few negatives: Can be seen as selfish, rash and quick tempered.

Sometimes coming across as quarrelsome and aggressive. Often emotional and highly sensitive. May show impatience at times, while also having a devious side.

Cancer Love and Sex

Is self pitying with an unforgiving and possessive tendency. Cancer people are very protective and sympathetic to those around them. They are very capable of "feeling your pain" whether it be physical, financial or emotional. I felt in love with a Gemini whereas iam a cancer but he is been beating around the bush 4 about a year now I jct decided 2 use this holiday has an opportunity 2 forget him.

I wouldn't trade being a Cancer for any other sign in the Zodiac! I love my strength, stubbornness, love and determination. When a Cancer puts their mind to doing something you can bet it'll get done.

Constellation Cancer

If that something happens to be a "huge thing", it will still be accomplished or we will at least come damn close. One of the greatest Cancerian men that we all know, and happens to be my favorite historical figure is Alexander The Great! How can I find my creativity and younger self again? I Often Lie About Them. Im a 27 year old cancer woman. Im currently dealing with a saggitarius male and were not in a COMMITTED relationship but more like a friends with benefits sitiationship ive been hurt numerous times and so has he, we noth have our gaurds up but jes made.

I know hes a great guy and hes wonderful boyfriend material it just sucks thats he not. As a cancer male, I have fallen for someone and got rejected, I feel because I am insecure is the reason why rejection hits me 10x harder than most,which is why I ended up temporarily moody, and anti-social. I wished I cared less so I wouldn't be so damn stressed. This is so true im a canser women and i hate talking to people idk. I get hurt a lot. I hide my emotions so no one nows im crying in the inside.

As a Leo woman, this cancer man has been pursuing me for a while. I rejected him at first, I guess it got him wondering why because that didn't stop him. In the end, I do like his persistence and his conviction.

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He's polite, and he considerate-has a sense of humor. However I am afraid he may not be emotionally mature-I do not want heart-on-the-sleeve petty fights because then I rather be single. He has lots of water in his chart-I have a mix of virgo, Gemini, libra, sag, in mines.

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  6. He has venus in leo while I have Gemini-these are the only compatible signs so far. I love cuddling and with his childlike feature of leo in venus, lots of giggling and jokes. He loves compiments. This has nothing to do with cancer. Yes there are people with issues who happen to be cancer, who read this and take it as an excuse to not work on their issues. But being moody has nothing to do with being cancer. I know you read everywhere about cancers being moody and extremely emotional beings. But the truth is this:.

    Cancer Zodiac Sign Information at Astrology Insight - Cancer Explained In depth

    Statistically most succesful entrepreneurs are Cancerian, the majority of US presidents are Cancerian. No known dictator in the world was cancerian. Long term. Cancers have vision, are natural leaders, are determined, go getters, and stable in their goals, they are honest and people of integrety. Are there downsides?

    Well, to much determination can be difficult for some people around. They know what they want and what not, that this can be difficult for others is shown in the post of capricorn Shannon:. To shannon the capricorn writing about the cancer man she loves. He is not moody. You are. You wrote that sometimes you ignore him, other times you respond and are completely sucked in.

    That is being moody. He made it clear to you that YOU are the one over analysing things, reading to many things in his actions.

    He is clear to you. You are firmly in the friendszone. You just do not want to accept that. But that is not his fault. That has nothing to do with HIS starsign. He is very clear to you: you are just a friend to him and nothing more. If he is being kind or drinks coffee with you, i say this: that's normal for friends to do.

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    There is nothing unclear or complicated about this guy. You, girl, have something to work on. And don't get me wrong, we have all been there, that feeling when you really like someone to whom you are just a friend. It sucks.


    Cancer Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

    I get that. But you are making things worse for yourself by not accepting his clear response to you that you are just a friend to him. You are being moody, cause one day it is ignoring him completely and the other you are all friends with him. Stop driving yourself crazy. Being shy is not a feature of your star sign. Work on your issues instead of blaming them on a star sign, cause the majority of Cancers are succesfully leading states, companies, schools, classes or religious communities. I fell in love with a Piesces woman at age 7, but when I finally told her my feelings after 12 years, she said the way I want her to stay with me alone is so hard for her 'cause she wants to explore life, so even if she'll be mine, she can't avoid other guys!

    I Think sometimes it comes back and sometimes it does not. All I know you Cannon change People. Remember to be good to yourself. I have tried understanding my Cancerian love, but unfortunately I have come to the end of the road.

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