16 december horoscope for taurus

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

As Christmas approaches home life — your favorite area — and relationships are positively supported. The Full Moon this month happens the day after Christmas in your Sun sign. Be with family. Take care of others. Feed and revel with friends. Expanded thinking and communication are major themes this month as Jupiter continues through your 3rd house.

Not only is this a good period to take the lid off of limited thinking, the Sun, Mars, and Venus transit of your 5th house is likely to inspire your creative self. Asteroid Chiron in the last degrees of your 6th house , December provides the opportunity to expand your knowledge of healing or to consider a healing practice. Any health issues should be tended to now with professional advice.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October, 12222

Benefic, expansive Jupiter, now at the heart of your 2nd house of money, will be joined by the South Node on the 27th. Start early to examine spending and saving habits that might be taking you in the wrong direction. There is plenty of inspiration at the beginning of the month to consider developing new talents or skills that can add to your creative fulfillment. While you may love order and shun surprises, this is a magical time for spontaneity of creative expression.

Your thoughts and words carry a lot of passion this month. Philosophical, probing Jupiter is reaching the halfway mark in your Sun sign where it will spend another 10 months. Jupiter rules your 3rd house of communication and the mind and helps you to formulate whatever you might want to teach, speak, or write about. It is also a favorable time for expanding business horizons. A favorable, creative aspect from Neptune to Jupiter on the 1st supports these activities, but Mercury retrograde in your communication house may have you tongue tied or at least muddled in your thinking for a brief period.

Once Mars enters the 3rd house on the 26th, you can more easily turn thoughts into written words or action. If you are looking for an opportunity to transform your relationship with your family the last week of the month could hold an opportunity for breakthrough.

Personality and Character

There is an old issue or two to lay to rest so that you can restore much needed peace and harmony within yourself. The transit of Mars and Venus through your Sun sign is already in progress as the month begins. This has ignited your intensity and passion. All this makes for a disorienting entry into the merriest month of all. Are you looking for more disillusionment or joy during the holidays? There is great power to heal and uplift in what you have say and share with others.

You are at a turning point in accessing the self-trust that will allow to more freely express that part of you. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza with your tribe, it will be a very special time for you. Scorpio : With the Full Moon in Cancer, you will accomplish much, achieve much and acquire much too.

The lode of gold includes a very large happiness percentage and tremendous spiritual gains. With Venus in your own sign love is passionate, intense and generally possessive. There are no planets in stressful alignment with you but this Full Moon might make for a stressful situation.

Things will pass very quickly and even the stressful aspects are overwhelmed by the good aspect. Even though your health is good, you can make it even better by giving more attention to your feet. A foot massage would be a very positive undertaking this week. Want a one year forecast to understand the scope of influence for your personal Cards of Destiny?

Cards of Destiny Report. Sagittarius : You come full circle to the same quarter as at the beginning of — all set to go into the first year of the new millennium defined as a hoped-for period of joy, serenity, prosperity and justice that includes hard work, hard thinking, spectacular performance and scintillating results and rewards. This week you will be involved in family support, warm companionship from friends and exemplify a gambler at high odds that pay off. On the 21st the Sun enters your already strong money house and makes it even stronger.

You begin a yearly financial peak.

Taurus December 16-22 Soulmate/Twinflame 2018 - A UNION OF 2 HEARTS!

Real estate inheritance, joint finance, collaborations will all thrive with your ongoing Midas touch, but happily, personal relationships will not shrivel and die, as they did in the old fable or last year to be specific! Contemplating a move?

December 16 Birthday Astrology | HowStuffWorks

This report tells how you will react to the energies of the specific locations for relationships, finances, and security. Relocation Information Report. Capricorn : The planetary power is now overwhelmingly in the independent Eastern sector of your chart. You are in the most independent part of your year. Your social magnetism and enthusiasm will be strongest this week as the Moon, your love planet waxes. This is not a time for people pleasing but about pleasing yourself. You have the power now to create pleasant and happy conditions for yourself and you should take that opportunity this week.

Scorpio (astrology)

Discover your character traits, relationship and career potentials — based on Edgar Casey Readings. Cayce Past Life Report. Aquarius : As the love planet moves into your spiritual 12th house this week, love attitudes shift. Now spiritual compatibility becomes important. With spiritual compatibility almost every problem in a relationship can be worked out. Without it, very few things can be worked out — and not for long either. This is not a time to look for love out clubbing or at night spots.

Love happens as you attend spiritual lectures or seminars, at meditation sessions or while participating at charity events. Love is much more idealistic now. Nothing matters — not money, not position, not service — only the feeling of love, the feeling that the relationship is sanctioned by the Universe. If there are problems in existing relationships, counseling and the surrender of your love issues to a higher power is the way to go. If one does this sincerely, miraculous things start to happen. The most complicated situations work themselves out.

Discover your past life connections that can carry over into your current life, accounting for interests, habits, even phobias.

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Karmic Past Life Report. Pisces : A lot of your socializing is career related this week. This brings a strong romantic opportunity for singles.

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This can be with someone with authority in your company, or the authority figure is the instrument through which this happens. Mercury at the top of your horoscope shows the importance of social contacts in the career. You can advance your career through social means and hard work and it will be beneficial to attend or even to host the right kind of parties or gatherings.

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  8. Your likeability is perhaps as important as your professional skills. You will have to work at being more tactful and less neurotic and ready to fly off the handle. This is a day ruled by Jupiter, therefore deals with discussion and achievement. It suggests the ambitious nature of Sagittarius natives.

    People born on December 16 usually have a relaxed attitude towards life and there are easy to talk to.

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    4. This makes them be great negotiators, especially when they put all their interest in offering support when they are involved in the situation as well. They are ambitious, progressive and have a driven way of thinking everything through, especially when they are involved in some kind of competition.

      Positive traits: Amicable but bold, these natives have a justifier path and a great sense of morality. Sagittarius people are usually altruistic, introspective and conscientious with the majority of people they know, unless someone lets them down. That's when they turn the cold shoulder and move on. Those born under this sign are also funny and eager; they never seem to get any rest and are the spirit of every social situation.

      Negative traits: Visionary but boastful, these natives sure don't know how to lose and they can exhibit some farfetched choices when this happens. They can be quite cruel with people that they consider inferior and they are often extremely vain. On the other side they are also feeble hearted, superstitious and even gullible when they really want something and they need to confidence someone else to help them. Lovers born on December 16 are romantic and passionate. As Sagittarius natives they aim high in all matters of life, therefore they are also very pretentious when it comes to love.

      For this ambitious native, love and commitment is placed somewhere second place and the one standing beside them should be prepared to understand and support them unconditionally. You can conquer the heart of Sagittarius if you check a lot of the items on their list of attributes their significant other should have. Their relationships are likely to grow on friendships as they need time to know the person that stays beside them. Despite the fact that they are friendly and a generally happy person it is quite difficult for them to settle for someone, probably because they are expecting things to happen instead of making them happen.

      They are most compatible with those born on 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th. December 16 Zodiac people seem to be most attracted to the other fire signs: Aries and Leo as they tend to share the same vision of life. In love, Sagittarius is in a permanent search for a lively, creative and communicative partner and the most suitable to offer them this is the native born under Gemini. The lover in Sagittarius is said to be least compatible with Scorpio. As for the rest of partnerships between the other star signs and Sagittarius, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose.

      Purple symbolizes spirituality, royalty, purpose and good judgment. This zodiac color is advised to be used in accessories and items of clothing. People with purple as sign color search their lives for ways to improve every aspect of life and also surround themselves with trustworthy, intelligent and successful people from whom they consider to have so many things to learn.

      At times they can be very arrogant, but with good reason, as they are artistic, innovative and unique personalities and not all of their many friends see this. The lucky Sagittarius birthstone for those born under the December 16 is the intriguing Turquoise. Turquoise symbolizes achievement and glory. This zodiac birthstone should be used in pendants, bracelets and other accessories. This is one of the birthstones openly recognized for its healing properties. It helps treat respiratory infections, asthma and even depression. Ancient Egyptians considered this a stone of life. Its name comes from the French expression Pierre tourques.

      Another birthstone considered beneficial for Sagittarius natives is Quartz. It symbolizes purity and openness. Narcissus is a known symbol of honesty, respect and loyalty. This zodiac flower is advised to be used for gifts and decorations.

      16 december horoscope for taurus 16 december horoscope for taurus
      16 december horoscope for taurus 16 december horoscope for taurus
      16 december horoscope for taurus 16 december horoscope for taurus
      16 december horoscope for taurus 16 december horoscope for taurus
      16 december horoscope for taurus 16 december horoscope for taurus

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