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Click the image to see it enlarged. Leo, the Lion, is the fifth sign of the zodiac.

Leo traits and personality explained

The sun enters it on or around July 23, when the summer is at its peak. Stefan Stenudd About me I'm a Swedish astrologer , author and historian of ideas , researching ancient thought and mythology. My personal website: stenudd. Complete Horoscope by Stefan Stenudd.

Leo belongs to the element fire, its quality is fixed and its charge is positive. Its Ruler is the sun, and Pluto exalts in it. Its motto is: "I want. Please observe that the text on this webpage is about the role of the Leo zodiac sign in the complete horoscope chart, and not just its meaning as a star sign, also called sun sign when the sun was in Leo at the time of your birth. Your Leo Zodiac Sign Those who have Leo as their zodiac sign star sign are born when the sun was in Leo, normally July 23 - August 22 it differs slightly from year to year, because of the leap years.

Therefore, it is also - more adequately - called the sun sign.

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Observe that it's just one of the many components of the complete horoscope chart. Nowadays, star sign astrology is much more widespread and common than readings based on the classical birth chart, but the latter is what astrology is really all about.

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The sun in your horoscope is your natural self - what you are when you relax, when other planets in your horoscope are not active. It is your basic drive.

If your sun sign is Leo, you are a proud person, with a strong sense of integrity and the importance of being true to yourself. It is the major sun sign, so it is natural for you to shine. To a Leo, life is very much the individual achievement, and the ability to reach a place of distinction in society - but mostly, to be able to have pride in oneself.

The Father of Leo The sun in the horoscope also represents your father the mother is represented by the moon. If you have the sun in Leo, your relation to your father is one of high mutual respect. It is also mutual in the way that you both feel a need to be proud of each other, in order to be proud of yourselves. It's kind of a gentlemen's agreement. For more about your sun sign in Zodiac sign astrology, see the link further down this page. Quality: Fixed. Leo is considered the warmest and most generous sign of the Zodiac.

Like the Lion or Lioness, there is a quality of nobility and a natural air of leadership that surrounds all Leos.

A Leo is not likely to do anything that he or she do not intend to do and tend to be less impulsive than the other fire signs. This is what makes Leos such natural teachers, entertainers, and managers. Leos are also the staunchest defenders of the underdog, as they feel a natural responsibility to those less fortunate.

This is a clue into why the Leo has often been called the most loyal of the signs, but actually, the loyalty that you demand from others is far greater than the loyalty they give. When pressured, Leos have a hard time making compromises or being even-handed. The Leo symbol is that of a Lion.


Zodiac Symbols For Leo

It speaks to the bravery of those of the Leo Zodiac. The Lion is fearless, impossible to challenge, and their only weaknesses are being fearful and aggressive towards those they confront. The Lion also needs a safe place to find comfort. This gives them a moment before tackling the world with dignity and respect. Being the brave, kind ruler the Lion is. The fire signs are always masculine, or positive.

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If you were born an Aries, a Leo, or a Sagittarius, then you were born a Fire sign. Of course, not all fire signs are going to behave the same. Even two Leos can be very different from each other, because of the way that the rest of their planets fall. With that said, Leo is gregarious and usually enjoys the company of others. They light up a room and make a gathering come to life. Leos are also confident in their abilities to get things done, good at motivating others, goal oriented, creative and inspiring. However, the fiery Leo is not without his or her flaws.

Leos are prone to outbursts of temper, want to have their own way, are impulsive and pessimistic. Just as the Lion is a ruler, the Sun is the lord over the solar system. The Leo zodiac has a huge self-image, a fiery nature, has drive and an abundant personality. This is because of the quadruplicities, or the qualities of those signs. Just like there are 4 elements — Fire, Earth, Air, and Water — there are 3 quadruplicities.

These are Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed. But the pouty days are few and far between because you love to be where the action is and with the people that are creating it. As a result, a Leo works hard to pay for their luxurious tastes so that they can be generous with all of those you include in your circle, which is probably a large one.

Leo Symbol - Zodiac Sign Astrology

The Leo has many friends, and all of them are dear ones at that. As the Fixed Fire sign, yours is a sparkling personality that embodies the Lion, the King of the Jungle. Leos are typically wonderful entertainers; no expense or effort is spared in making sure others have a good time. Leos often attract the attention of others wanted or otherwise. The reason some of this attention may be unwanted is that Leos are rarely available; they take early and well to solid and committed relationships.

You need to matter to someone; you need them to lean on you.

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Just remember to accept help as often as you give it. Of course, the good does come with some challenges that balance your personality and give you things to work on during this lifetime. Specifically, Leos:. They need attention to feel important to you.

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