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Cancer's Glyph

The Moon emotions allows evolution in both directions — towards the true self and away from it. The cross at the bottom shows that Mercury facilitates the effort for the true self to become a real manifestation in the material world. The half circle at the top is unique to Mercury. It shows that he alone can truly facilitate the evolution towards the higher self. This glyph encapsulates in a single symbol the fact that Mercury is your intelligence, which creates the ability to communicate as well as understand.

She gives you a physical body replete with fascinating senses through which you can truly experience the wonderful manifest world in your life. This symbolizes that Mars is your energy. He is the passion and ambition which prods you to going off in your own unique direction with your own angle on life. The right side of the circle represents evolution towards a deeper understanding of life. Jupiter is supportive of this effort.

Venus enters Scorpio

He encourages it and rewards it and provides the systems of religion, philosophy, and law which do the same. The evolution towards a deeper understanding of life is nailed to the inescapable realities which Saturn generates: death, old age, decay and misery. We evolve by coming to grips with these realities. In fact only the five real planets have crosses and represent effort. The Sun, Moon and the two nodes Rahu and Ketu are not literally planets. Their glyphs contain no crosses. They manifest their nature without any effort or evolution required.

Rahu and Ketu are the only planets to contain two complete circles. Their glyphs consist of these two circles joined by the arc of a half circle.

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The two circles represent two different lives, two different worlds. This symbolizes the tremendous energy and ambition of life itself. The circular womb will cause things to grow and develop upwards the half circle at the top. The many created at the beginning by Aries have developed by the support of taurus, and now become a second being, a truly individual self capable of its own experiences and ideas. Scribe the glyph for Mercury on your throat before speaking situations to boost communication abilities.

Planetary Glyphs and Symbols in Astrology - Meaning and Interpretation

Keywords: Communication, thoughts, travel, ideas, speed, writing, expression, language, manifestations. Mercury Retrograde Magick. The glyph of Venus is composed of the circle of Spirit on top of the cross of Matter. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and material goods.

She is a good planet to use for love and abundance magick. She not only represents romantic love but also the love we put into ourselves, into the art we create and the seeds of love we plant into the universe. Keywords: Love, romance, beauty, abundance, fertility, self love, aesthetics, pleasure, material goods. Self love spell. More about Venus. The glyph for Mars breaks the pattern we have seen so far. The circle of Spirit is present however the cross of Matter has become pointed in one direction, turned into an arrow of will power. The direction is not simply up or down but in a direction that sets a trajectory for drive and passion.

The glyph of Mars shows us all the possibilities of Spirit with the directed power of will.

Planetary Glyph Symbolism, including the Transneptunians: L Blake Finley, M.A.: Uranian Astrology

Mars shows us that when guided by our Higher Self, by our true will, we are strong. When this is out of balance Mars is creulty and destruction. It can be beneficial or malefic. Use Mars in magick with great care and precision. Keywords: drive, passion, high energy, war, battle, fire, anger, sex, will power, anger, aggression. Mars Magick. The glyph for the planet Jupiter consists of the semi circle of Soul and the cross of Matter. This symbol tells us that the creative powers of the Soul and Moon can also be manifested in the physical plain.

The power of Jupiter is expansive and creative because it is the expression of the soul in the material world. Known as the planet of luck and good fortune, this planet sees all possibilities that can be and tries to bring them into being.

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This is why this planet is also known to rule philosophy and spirituality. When Jupiter is functioning at it's highest levels it expresses wisdom as the knowledge of opportunities. The glyph for Saturn is composed of the cross of Matter surmounted over the crescent of the Soul. It represents the challenge and the struggle of the Soul to rise through forms of constraints and limitations of the Earth plane.

In this glyph Matter calls the dance and Soul must find a way to express itself within the boundaries of it's steps. We also see what many people agree to be a sickel at the base of our semi circle of Soul. Saturn very much represents death and the harvest. Reaping what you have sowed. Saturn teaches us life's great lessons through harsh situations, he is a reminder that the physical plane and our bodies limit our Soul. Draw the symbol of Saturn of things that you wish to remain hidden or things you want to restrain yourself from.

Saturn banishing spell. With Uranus we see a glyph composed of the cross of Matter, two semi circles of Soul and a circle of Spirit. This symbol represents pursuing the Soul's purpose through expanding the physical environment around us. The Spirit being present as a reminder of the infinite possibilities along your journey in pursuing your life purpose. Uranus is the opposition of Saturn. Like it's icy counter part in space, Uranus' energy coldly destroys any restraint and tendencies that hold us back in life.

The glyph of Neptune is easily recognized as a Trident, composed of the cross of Matter beneath a crescent of Soul and upwards arrows.

This represents the ability of us to rise above our experiences on Earth and to acquire wisdom and freedom pertaining to our consciousness and existence all in all, expansion which is closely associated with Jupiter. While Jupiter represents expansion, Saturn represents contraction. The glyph for Uranus is made up of the cross of matter and the circle of spirit.

Astrological symbols

It represents creation derived from everything that is unique, different, and sometimes rebellious. Each of these aligns with the spiritual nature of Neptune, and are meant to be the things that we should seek to elevate. The glyph for Pluto is only a combination of the initials of Percival Lowell, the astronomer who aided in the discover of Pluto. However the more esoteric alternate symbol, which is:.

Reading Your Birth Chart

Together they represent the process of both evolution and involution, with the manifestation of the energy of the spirit on earth involution and the exchange of us and our environment that produces an awakening evolution. In Mayan Astrology there is the Birth Glyph which is somewhat like a Zodiac Sign, it focuses on growth, transformations, and life lessons. There is the Trecena which is like a Moon Sign and explores your deeper self. Meanings and symbols seem to cross over from Day Glyphs to Trecenas.

Each person has a Galactic Tone, you could maybe compare this to numerology. This number shows how you are connected to the divine and sheds more light on your own personal life mission. The Past Sign describes your childhood and influences you when you are young. Your Destiny Sign is a guide into growth and maturity. There is a Female and Male Sign. The Female describes passive traits that rarely come to the surface. The Male traits are obvious and active. The Male Sign is a lot like your Rising, the traits you show to the world.

There are The Lords of the Night which describes your hidden self, much like the 12th House. Very little is known about The Lords of The Night. This is a day where your energy is fully active. For all the Signs, the glyph is a simplistic representation of the animal or person that symbolizes the sign.

Keep reading. The astrological Mercury glyph is a circular planet with beneath the cross of matter, which is an expression of the word of God made flesh, crowned by a lunar crescent, tying him to the goddess. Hermes Trismegistus is the syncretism of the Greek god Hermes of Mercury.

Rob Brezsny’s Astrology Sept. 25-30

Thus the Greek god of interpretive communication was combined with the Egyptian god of wisdom as a patron of astrology and alchemy. In addition, both gods were psychopomps, guiding souls to the afterlife. He is the play of colours in the division into the four elements. He is thus quite obviously a duality, but is named a unity in spite of the fact that his innumerable inner contradictions can dramatically fly apart into an equal number of disparate and apparently independent figures.

He is both material and spiritual. He is the process by which the lower and material is transformed into the higher and spiritual, and vice versa. Hermes is a magician with a magic wand; mediator between human and divine affairs. Moon Phase wood burned box just listed at MoonAlchemy Shop!

On the sides are astrological glyphs!

glyph meaning astrology Glyph meaning astrology
glyph meaning astrology Glyph meaning astrology
glyph meaning astrology Glyph meaning astrology
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glyph meaning astrology Glyph meaning astrology

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