Weekly tarot reading february 11 2020

Sagittarius April 2020

We will always be evolving into the next best version of who we are. Please plan to have a reading with me in my new office, anytime November 1 or after.

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Card and Craft, Inc. Get your friends together for an in-office psychic party! I am in the process of planning some wonderful events for our community to enjoy in this new space that will be more than simply an office, it will be a spiritual community center! The new office, in Parkway Plaza, is just a few miles away from the Westbridge Building where we have happily worked for the past three years. Of course, if you would like to see me in October, I will be happy to accommodate you in my current office, right up until moving day!

Self-reflection is one of the most noble and helpful goals of divination. Whether working with oracle cards, tarot cards or other sorts of random token divination, when we set self-reflection as the goal, our tools can act as a mirror to help us see ourselves more clearly. The question becomes, how can we use our tools in this way? Here are two exercises to try.

The first is a single-card reading, the second is a four-card spread.

Spend some time meditating on the card and working to see how this card reflects you. Try this four-card spread for self-reflection and creating a focus for positive personal change. Card Three: What I need to release in order to evolve. Card Four: What I need to embrace in order to evolve. I am so happy that the brand-new magazine, The Esotoracle , has published its first issue, which includes an article from me! You can order a print copy or read it online. Check out my new blogpost on shifting your perspective on tarot and life, published on my community blog.

You can check it out in archive on Facebook , YouTube , or Instagram. By now, you probably know that I am moving my Palm City office to a new, larger building. You can read the announcement blog on my website for more information. Here are some great tarot games from James Ricklef. We will have to try some of these at our tarot meetups! Here is another self-reflection tarot spread for you to try. On Sunday, November 24,from 4 to 6 pm, join me in the new office at SW Corporate Parkway, Palm City Florida for an exciting and insightful tarot class appropriate for readers of all levels of experience.

Tarot Tells the Story will cover the nuances necessary to give a great reading.

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Topics included will be Court cards, reversals, card combinations, trends and blends and tarot spreads. You will learn to weave the card meanings together to create a cohesive story. You must pre-register on Eventbrite or by calling Games Systems, Inc. Used with permission. The Devil is certainly a challenging card. In a reading this card can indicate addiction and unhealthy behavior. Yet, the Devil is also the gatekeeper on the journey toward spiritual enlightenment.

The Devil asks us to see ourselves as we are, to acknowledge our shadow selves. Guided Meditation based on the Tarot. Read more Read less. About this Event Unwind and awaken your intuition with this unique guided meditation event. Tickets for this event are donation based, contribute what you can. Share with friends. Map and Directions View Map. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in.

Sign Up. Already have an account? Log in. Event Saved. They symbolize wealth and abundance. Being a yang, a rat represents the beginning. Being highly reproductive, they are worshipped in certain regions by those couples who are trying to beget children. It is generally believed that people born in the same year do not feel lucky in the same year.

As per Chinese Horoscope , the animal sign Rat in Chinese astrology symbolizes fresh opportunities and change. The year will be the year of metal rat. Individuals of this sign will have a wonderful year. Situations will be in your favour and everything you do will yield good results. Nothing that comes to you is of less value. Be it family, love, success or opportunities.

Learn to value what you have, or at least understand that there are people not as lucky as you. Read in detail - Rat Horoscope Utilize the most of it as fresh energy is flowing and so are the opportunities.

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The year of the rat will bring major opportunities and you, as a decisive Ox, have to take right decisions. As an Ox, you know how to make the situation work. The obstacles, if any, can be easily overcome by you. Your pace is the only problem you have. Instead, you will find ways to do things in different manners. Cleaning up the air of doubt and your surroundings can be something on your mind as relationships do not look very amusing. Results from the past will make you happy as the year proceeds. Read in detail - Ox Horoscope The previous year had been wonderful for the natives of sign Tiger.

Matching up your expectations would be difficult for the Rat.

Weekly Tarot Reading February 11-17, 2019 ~ 💜New Plans for Love & Success!

The year will however be good, you will not feel content with what you have. Everything is under control. You will work harder on your career, relationships as well as family life. Making good friends shall become a hobby as you feel energized by the positive vibes these people will give. Your inspiration will lie within yourself as you aspire and strive towards getting all what you deserve. A tiger does not settle with anything less than what they desire. The year will bring stability and serenity. Stay calm and relaxed. This was the Chinese Horoscope prediction for zodiac sign Tiger.

Read in detail - Tiger Horoscope Chinese Zodiac explains that the goals that you, as a Rabbit had set previously will be accomplished. As a rabbit, you do not like wasting your time. You need to give time and space, so your loved ones can breathe. There has to be excitement and passion, but not the intent to control. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve your instincts. Right choices will make your year. Read in detail - Rabbit Horoscope As per Chinese Zodiac A peaceful year will make the Dragon happy and they will welcome the year of rat with arms widespread.

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Focus on your relations with people you care about. Taking care of yourself is a must.

You must exercise and maintain a routine that will keep you healthy. It's a combination of diet as well as routine that keeps you healthy. This year you will make new friends and your bond with your colleagues will improve. Possibilities of going on a trip with them are high as you enjoy their company. Read in detail - Dragon Horoscope The natives of Snake will enjoy this year as per Chinese Horoscope Although Snakes eat rat in the wild life, but here it symbolizes that you will get rid of all the problems you had.

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The negativity and fear of loss will be over. Progressive snake will make its way to success.

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weekly tarot reading february 11 2020 Weekly tarot reading february 11 2020
weekly tarot reading february 11 2020 Weekly tarot reading february 11 2020
weekly tarot reading february 11 2020 Weekly tarot reading february 11 2020
weekly tarot reading february 11 2020 Weekly tarot reading february 11 2020
weekly tarot reading february 11 2020 Weekly tarot reading february 11 2020

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